trapped in latex straitjacket

movie focused on sensual restraint & latex straitjacket
NIGHT DREAM starring Amélie – duration : 28 minutes

After a long day at work, Amélie is sleeping in her satin sheets
but after a while, she begins to dream about Anaïs, the manager :)

First, a metal collar around the neck before to be handcuffed.
Then comes a ball-gag : restraint & spanking, the thing she loves.
Later, Amélie is immobilized with a latex straitjacket … alone !

thumbnail for Latex Culture video / #straitjacket

I got the idea to do this movie with Amélie because she’s an elegant woman looking like the perfect Damsel in Distress when she’s bound with ropes … or latex :) She didn’t have a lot of experience in video shooting but we took the time needed to shoot several scenes : I decided to include Anaïs inside the story to help Amélie. I know she would be kinky enough to boost her energy and give more options to explore. That’s how we imagine several scenes focused on different fantasies : this sample of the video is extracted from the third part, the one focused on latex restraint using a straitjacket. I think you will like to watch Amélie waking-up after she has been trapped. I was pretty surprised by her acting skills for a beginner : she nicely suggested the discovery of this amazing straitjacket. After a while, the surprise is gone and she appreciates the unique feeling of latex restraint. If you want to know, the next scene related to the next step, the dream continues with Amélie trapped in latex straitjacket but she’s nicely gagged on my bed. We all love this kind of dreams, isn’t it ?

About Jerome Duplessis

Jerome G. Duplessis aka JG : you know me as the french photographer and shibari master who created the bondage website CAPTIVE CULTURE … more than 15 years of fetish pictures ! My universe is focused on the beauty of a woman exploring her fantasies : shiny latex, tight corset, nylon stockings & high heel shoes for fetish photography … almost naked for japanese bondage.


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